Things about preganancy…

As I enter the last few weeks of pregnancy, there are definitely a few items I am not going to miss:

  1. Endless heartburn all afternoon & night
  2. Uncomfortable sleeping positions (due to heartburn & inability to get comfortable)
  3. Those really strong baby movements
  4. Having to eat ALL the time
  5. Being told not to lift or move something (but doing it anyways)
  6. The snoring – though I think this is more Jon’s complaint & it’s probably related to the heartburn & the summer cold I seem to have caught
  7. The gas – sorry to be a  bit TMI, but OH MY GOODNESS!  Will it never end???

On the other hand, there are a few things I am going to miss:

  1. Afternoon nap time (sometimes up to 2 glorious hours!) with the cat & dog
  2. Feeling le bebe move around – it’s such an amazing thing.  I never get tired of it, unless it’s one of those really powerful movements that leave you gasping.
  3. Getting to eat ALL the time. My problem is running out of things to eat…
  4. Nice long nails & hair…well, standard, but true.

It’s been such an easy pregnancy, really, aside from those couple of week of nausea.  Le bebe is gaining weight and so have I, but it’s really all baby.  I’m too tired these days to really go for long walks with the dog, which is a bummer.  But she likes going over to the neighbor’s pool (no, she does NOT go in the pool – too terrified from the time when she was a puppy and Ms. Core thought throwing puppies in the pool was a good idea.  I bet Jimi doesn’t mind too much, but Lucy seems terrified of going inside the pool to this day. She mostly like sniffing out the new place).

So, to help with the heartburn, I’ve been having lots of popsicles (the sugar-free kind).  But, knowing me, I’d prefer to make my own.  We make our own gelato & ice cream, why not popsicles?  So, I’m on the hunt for popsicle molds.

I want simple with a simple design & easy to remove the popsicle THE INSTANT I want one. Or le bebe demands one…really, those kicks do have meaning!  Kick – translated – EAT NOW!

Also, I really do not want any “cutesy” popsicle molds – just something simple.

This one would make lot of popsicles at once, but seemed to get really bad reviews on the easy of removal side:

popsicles_poor reviews

This one makes six popsicles and has a simple design:

simple yellow molds

This one really isn’t a “popsicle” maker – more the ice cream sandwich route, but it is so adorable I may have to get it anyways:

animal sandwiches

So, I’ll post more once I’ve decided on a mold & then comes the tough part – what recipe do I use?

More research to come!


2 thoughts on “Things about preganancy…

  1. Ms Core

    I never threw Lucy in the pool!! She fell in it once all by herself. And Jimi went into a pool only once at a different friends house while Lucy wasn’t around so you can’t blame her phobia on me, only Jimi’s.

    As for the gas well that doesn’t go away right away even after you deliver. In fact from the delivery you lose control of your ability to stifle a fart for a week or two at least. Oh the joys!!

    Wait until that baby shows up though, he/she will be precious.

  2. deserthomespun

    LOL! I KNEW you would have a different perspective on the pool – Lucy and I were wondering…and you are correct – she did fall in all by herself – but she saw you throw Jimi in at Jess’ house – and that was enough for her!

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