Fitted crib sheets

I found some time last week to work on the fitted sheet for le bebe’s crib.  I modified my pattern (read: used no pattern, just read up on a few books) to fit the crib mattress.

I measured the top of the mattress and the sides.  I added 1 inch (to be generous for seam allowance & in case I screwed up) to the top mattress dimensions and 2 inches to the sides in terms of depth.  I added more to the sides to accommodate the elastic…


Lovely diagram, isn’t it?

So, after sewing all the sides to the top fabric, I had to then figure out how to use the elastic.  Something I’ve never used before. Here’s what I did:

  1. Started by pulling the elastic and then pinning the fabric.  Wondered how it was really going to work.
  2. Abandoned the pulling and just folded the fabric over itself to pin it to the elastic.elastic sewing

Sorry about the blurry photo.  My camera is totally sucking these days.  And it’s making some whiny scary sound…le bebe is going to LOVE that, I bet!

The sheet was a bit large, once I tested it out on the mattress, so I sewed a corner or two a bit tighter.  Again applied the old fold-it-over-on-itself trick.

crib sheet

Seems to have worked.  What I will do differently next time is cut the side panels a bit longer, maybe 3-4 inches instead of 2. So the bottom of the sides is all the way on the bottom of the mattress. And if I used stretch jersey fabric again, I will not use 1 inch seam allowance (I’d used 1/2 inch) – this made the top part of the sheet not line up 100%. Close, but not perfect.

I do need to figure out how to sew on elastic, so if anyone has advice, I would love to hear it. My method worked, but it’s not the best.

Here’s a full frontal shot of the crib & fitted sheet:

fitted crib sheets (2)

I am clearly tired and need some more sleep.  But le bebe now has another crib sheet, one in a nice pattern. Jon thinks we have a lot of colors/patterns going in this room.  He’s right…but I don’t mind so much.  The colors all pull together.  I think.

And – the best part – cost about $3 for fabric & elastic.  I used thread I already had. This of course does not inlcude MY TIME…we won’t go into details about how long this took to make. That is not the point.  The next one will be easier.  I am sure of it.

Only 4 weeks to go!  Lots of projects still to do…or, one the other hand, it can wait.  Just so excited to see this baby!


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