I think I am now officially in the “nesting” phase of this pregnancy.  Is there an official “nesting” phase, because I didn’t read about it in any of my pregnancy books…but I know many women have gone through this phase.

There are so many projects I want to finish before le bebe makes his or her appearance! But for now, here’s the slipcover I made last Friday for the nursing chair and ottoman in the nursery:

nursing chair (1)

Here’s a close up of the fabrics (and Lucy):

nursing chair clsoe up

I couldn’t find enough fabric I liked to make this slipcover, so I used two different fabrics to make enough for the chair and ottoman. I really like the green linen and love the green flower pattern.  I figured, even if le bebe is a boy, he’s not going to care if the chair had flowers on it.  Once he gets big enough, the chair will be moved to another room anyways.

I may also make a pillow to aid in nursing.  We did get a bobby pillow, but I think you can never have too many pillows.  All this area needs now is a small table to hold a glass of water or burb rugs…

The nursery is almost complete.  Thanks to Dad & Jon, the black-out blind was installed this weekend (to aid in good naps!~)  We also secured the bookcase to the wall in the case we have an adventurous kid who likes to climb.  I know this probably won’t happen for some time, but I’d rather have it done and not have to try to remember  to do it at a later date.

The mobile is on it’s way and I can’t to see it!  I still have lots to put away from our baby shower (such generous friends & family!), but I will get it done soon.

Up this week is making fitted crib sheets.  Provided it all works out according to plan, I will post photos & instructions by the end of the week.  I have some “work” related items to take care of this week as well, so hopefully I can get at least one sheet finished and instructions posted.

Oh, and Panda has moved on from sleeping in the crib to the chair.  I think he’s just trying everything out for le bebe for quality control purposes!


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