Quirky Cats…

Our cats do some strange things sometimes…

Like drink directly from the irrigation emitter – what is the water we just put in your water bowl not fresh enough?


I wasn’t quite quick enough to get an actual photo of her drinking…but this is her walking away afterwards…

And take over the couch as soon I as I get up to go to the bathroom (which is pretty often)…I guess anyone would do this too…



Keeping my book warm, I guess. That’s the new couch thanks to Ms. Core…there’s a long involved story about Sam Levtiz really sucks…but it’s not as much fun to tell as it is to sit on the couch…

And taking over le bebe’s room (or at least the crib):


I know I need to break Panda of this habit very quickly, so he won’t climb in with le bebe.  I just went into le bebe’s to put something away and that is what I found.  Never mind that he has at least five other beds or spots to sleep – he needed to try out this new one, with the new blanket. I think he likes it…

Not that this is cat related, but here’s the first meal of the summer, made with produce from MY garden: homemade pesto w/ cheese tortellini and tomato-mozzarella salad with balsamic vinegar- YUM!  Looking forward to many more months of eating yummy stuff like this!



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