Lovely shower delights…

I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the lovely baby shower(s) and gifts.  This baby is going to be so well cared for!  While I would like to thank everyone individually here (thank you cards are going in the mail tomorrow!) – I’m just going to highlight a few of the works of art we received for le bebe.

A knitted berry cap…thanks to Aunty Trinka!  A new knitter – but lovely work!  I still haven’t even finished the first hat I began some time ago! Very impressive!


A glorious knitted blanket by Aunty Antje– if you could have heard about the amount of delicate work that went into making this beautiful creation – the picture just doesn’t do it justice. The photos below are all Antje, btw…nicely done!


And the world’s largest diaper bag – seriously large enough for le bebe and at least one of the cats…maybe both.  Also by Antje.  What a crafty lady!!!


Thank you all so much!  There are photos from both showers on the right at flickr.  Le bebe is one lucky baby!!!

I think we’re getting close to having all the layette things we need.  I’m sure there will be plenty we don’t have, say like sleep!  I’m just so excited to meet le bebe!!!!

Here’s a photo of Jon & me from the the shower.

jon & pamela

I can’t quite believe how big this belly is getting.  I mean, I look down – and it looks large, but then shots of me from the side – WOW – what a belly!

Here’s the side shot:

touching the big belly

And it’s only going to get bigger!  It’s all le bebe…and don’t get me wrong, I’m not worried or upset about it all – it’s more amazing how your perception of your body changes…and how it actually is changing my body – that is so amazing.

This is at 33 weeks…going to be an interesting seven weeks or so…stay tuned.


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