Completed Changing Table*


Testing graciously performed by Panda.  He really liked it and didn’t want to get out. * Soon to be tested out by Ms. Core’s baby Pit.  They arrive next weekend…



Here is it!  I had to modify the design to fit the changing table my mom found for us at a yard sale – $20!  What a deal!

The pad is narrower and still incorporates the foam pad arms…and instead of velco…they snap together.  Ingenuous, if I do say so!The pockets were originally sewed on the end of the pad, not going to work with the new table.  I removed them from the entire thing and added ties so it can be tied to the end of the table instead.


I made two removable & washable pads for the top (the whole thing is washable…but removable & washable pads will be indispensable).  Two is a good start; Baby Pit will help determine how many I really should have made.


When le bebe is too large to fit in the narrow area, no problem!  Just flip over the entire pad…and add the larger removable & washable pad!  I only made one of these, as I was getting pretty tired on Saturday…I know I will need more.  And they are so easy to make, so I’m going to complete those another time.


Here’s the dresser with the newly stained drawers that Jon did!  He even put the knobs on…looks good!


And here’s a 31 week photo shots of the belly!  It just seems to get bigger every day… 🙂



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