Sneaky Chickies…

Those sneaky chickies!  They think they are so smart.  They are trying to see how far I can still bend down (which isn’t very far – at least, not comfortably). They’ve taken to pooping in the laying boxes and laying eggs on the floor in the coop, directly underneath their roosts – and in their poop.  Very hygienic, let me tell you.

Little do they know that I am much more evolved than they are.  Rather than try to bend down…I use a shovel to scoop up the eggs!  HA!  Outsmarted you yet again!

Now, it will probably take them some time to come up with a new idea about how to get me to do awkward bends and twists when gather eggs.  Don’t they know I have a yoga video for that?!?!?

Silly chickies….


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