Changing Table Top

Here’s a couple photos of the latest work in progress: the changing table top.  My grand idea about putting this on top of the existing dresser will not work.  It will just be too high – though, I would get some major arm workouts if we did use it.

Here’s the work in progress:


And the view without the bolsters:


The pockets took quite a bit of work.  I only managed to complete one of the removable bolsters that edge the changing area.  Next weekend I plan on finishing the bolsters and the removable (and washable) pads that will fit inside the middle. The bolsters all fit together with velcro (not that you can tell from the photos.

But now, I need to look on craigslist for a changing table…oy vey!


4 thoughts on “Changing Table Top

  1. deserthomespun

    there will be removable changing pads to insert between the bolsters – which I haven’t made yet. I planned on making 3, just to be safe. The whole thing is washable too!

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