24 weeks…in Patagonia

Here’s the 24 week photo:


It’s not a side shot, but oh well.  That belly is definitely getting bigger.  I cannot believe it – every time I look down, it seems bigger.

And the big kicker – it’s going to get even LARGER! Oh boy!

Here’s a photo with Lucy for comparison:


Yup, still looks pretty big.

We took some time off for Spring Break and went down to Patagonia.  Dad loaned us his super comfy & full of amenities (like a shower!) trailer!  Thanks Dad!

We went to Parker Canyon Lake and hiked the lake shore trail. (Conveniently, they left off the mileage of the hike on their sign). It was lovely once you got away from all the loud, beer-drinking, fishing folks. Not that there’s anything wrong with beer drinking or fishing (not that  anyone really looked to be fishing).


It was surprisingly peaceful.  Next time, we might camp there and borrow a boat to get to the hidden areas where no one seemed to be.   I can see it  now, le bebe, Lucy, me & Jon, with our own beer & food containers, drifting off on the lake.  Sounds like a blast!

Wonder if Lucy will like the boat?  She certainly likes the water! Here’s an action shot:


She’s such a good dog!


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