More nursery ideas…

I’ve decided to listen to the wisdom of my hubby (he said to say away from too many primary colors in the room – already have yellow walls & a red floor).  Therefore, I am going with the green knobs. I do really like the color.  I also found some nice green colored boxes at Target to use in the closet & on the bookcase.

I still like the idea of the teal/turquoise blue somehow…and am making a baby blanket in this color.  Why not? Apparently you need a TON of blankets (among other things) according to Ms. Core. If anyone has any advice on baby gear – feel free to comment!

We decided to send back that lamp…it was just too big for the space. Oh well!

Here are some fabric ideas from Purlsoho:







The last one probably won’t work at all now…but it sure is pretty!

I’m going to make some nursery items from this book – my sister got it for me for the holidays:


I really like Amy Butler  & she has such creative ideas.  The hard part is deciding what to make, or what fabric to choose…

On another note, I’ve been feeling le bebe move around quite a bit lately!  Le bebe seems to be really active during the night, while I am trying to sleep or when I’m sitting, usually working on the computer.  It’s something else – the strangest feeling you’ll ever have – I mean, there is someone else INSIDE of you, moving around!!!  How could that not be a weird feeling? I love it though!


2 thoughts on “More nursery ideas…

  1. Ms. Core

    I like the first one and the purple on the best for the nursery…in fact I think you could use them both in the room if they are accent fabrics as long as you have something else with a smaller more subdued print.

    The moving around is so fun altho you will get to a point where you are a little annoyed with it, esp when there are feet in your diaphragm…ahhh..I kinda miss those days…

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