Which knob?

On the decorating side of things, I’m thinking more about the nursery.  We’re going to reuse Jon’s old dresser, but need a bit of help decided on the knobs.

Here they are:


Here they are one at a time:



The walls are yellow, the floor is terracotta with a red braided rug (which I need to photograph)…and we need another color (or two). I am leaning towards the blue-teal color, simply because that is the color I originally wanted to paint the walls.  And which every knob we choose we will paint that lamp the same color.

Tough decision…Jon thinks the blue (although he like the know style better) will result in having too many primary (well…all of the primary) colors in the nursery.  And the green is nice…but maybe too yellowy-green?  Though I do like the knob style better. But I just really like the blue-teal color….

Both knobs are from Anthropologie, my favorite place.  The furniture in the room will be of a similar wood tone…I hope!

I guess I don’t need to decide at this exact moment


3 thoughts on “Which knob?

  1. Ms.Core

    Wow! if you are going to put this much thought into every detail, the nursery is going to take a LOOOOOONG time to put together. And trust me you won’t give a d*&^ about those knobs when the baby is here….but I did the same thing, really. Thinking about knobs is much less overwhelming than thinking about parenting and severe sleep deprivation:).

    That being said I like the teal one MUCH better in color and style/shape.

    Guess it will be fun to see you agonize over baby names 🙂

  2. deserthomespun

    I just realized I posted the same picture twice…which has been correct! I don’t think I’m obsessing over every detail…but probably most of them!

    Thinking about knobs is less overwhelming than figuring out the diaper situation at the moment…not to mention all the other things that need to be sorted out…

    I’m glad you’re looking forward to my obsession over names….though, it’s already here


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