Deal of a Lifetime!

Mom and Grandma came to town last Friday for lunch.  They were on their way to Patagonia to see Dad, so they stopped for a brief visit.

After a lovely lunch at beyond bread, we went to Annabell’s attic (in the same shopping plaza).  It’s a antique – estate sale shop, with TONS of furniture & whatnot.

I was looking at the rugs and found a beautiful one with no price tag.

The salesperson came over & was calling the owner when we both saw a tag of the floor. The price was $89, with the rug measurements, so we both though that was the correctvtag.  It’s a 5×9 rug…which is a bargain price!

After we both found that tag, and he agreed to the price, we found yet another tag, same dimensions, but $329…

My mom keep saying…get the rug! get the rug! So I went over to the guy and told him I’d take it. He quickly rung up the sale (I hadn’t even finished looking around the store!)

I figured it would look lovely in the living room, but if Jon hated it, then it could go in my office at work.  You can’t find a rug for $89 this size & colors.  It does have a small bit of wear (it’s an estate sale find, after all!).


As the nice guy carted out to my car, he told me I got the “deal of a lifetime! The other tag was likely the correct price!”.  But he was kind enough to stick to the first price.

It’s lovely!  And only $89!!!


And the cats like it too! I just love the colors and it looks so pretty in the living room.  It just makes me smile!


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