Decorating le bebe’s room…

It seems as if the remodeling is endless. I know we’ll have it done this weekend – or next weekend at the latest (except for thresholds..that will take some figuring out).

I’m ready to move on to the decorating part! The nursery bedroom is yellow (photos will be posted once our bed has gone back to its rightful place). The color is Daisy Hearts from Ace.

It was a cheerful color we had picked out for the guestroom & still works for the nursery. I had wanted to repaint it teal…but the wiser person in the house reminded me of all the painting we had yet to do. The room just needed a touch up, and the closet need to be painted entirely.

My main requirement for this room is to not make it “baby-ish”. We’re going to be spending a lot of time in there, and I want to feel welcome and comfortable. This being said, I was looking to use vibrant colors, like the yellow, teal, red, and maybe some green. The furniture I just wanted to keep wood – no painting or white.

We have Jon’s dresser from when he was a kid that needs a small repair, a light sanding, a new coat of varnish and some new knobs. I found some possible knobs at Anthropologie – I’ll  post photos to show the different options. The knobs are blues & greens.

We have a red braided oval rug we plan to use – which should look nice on the terracotta stained floor. This will bring in the “red” into the room.

We bought some nice cheap-o lights from Lowe’s for the guestroom cieling lights, but I found this pendant light on sale.


It’s currently yellow, but if the lamp passes muster with the other half, then we may paint it red or teal (a blueish color).

I’m looking at a few fabric ideas, but I’ll post that another time.

Thanks to Trinka for sending me this information!  I plan on attending to find some good deals. Welcome to the blog world! You can check out some super cute photos of her new nephew here as well. I just love that blanket – I think I may have to make me one!


4 thoughts on “Decorating le bebe’s room…

  1. the colors you picked..but not so sure about that lamp. Maybe I have to see it in person but kinda looks like something my chintzy grandma would have in her house (she has an acid washed denim pantsuit and gold lamme keds)..but maybe if you repaint it? perhaps it’s the color making me feel that way. Call me tomorrow!!

  2. deserthomespun

    LOL! I am definitely going to repaint it…maybe teal or blue. The color is too yellow/orange for the room! But first Jon has to see & approve of it!

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