What does baby really need?

And by this, I mean, what do we really need to buy, borrow, or find?  What do other parents out there say?  I’m working on another project this weekend, but am getting antsy to begin planning and organzing for the nursery.  It’s the planner in me…I can’t help it!

I love looking at these ideas here and here for the nursery.  While the furniture is still in the planning stages, here’s the list of things I want to make for le bebe:

  1. A crocheted baby blanket for delivery.  Because if I tried to knit it, my gran babies would be able to use it in time.
  2. Knitted booties.  I know le bebe will be born in the HOT HOT summer that is Tucson, but I still want to make some.  And I think I could get them done in five months.
  3. Embroidered shirts or onesies. I made a few newborns long ago for my niece and decide to keep them for me.  Maybe some pants too. I do realize this task will be harder, given we won’t know if le bebe is a boy or girl, but I’m game.
  4. Maybe some softie toys, like the one’s I made my niece?  Which are now illegal if I try to sell them.

Lots of ideas…I need some time to sort it all out.  But I would love to hear from others about what we really do need.  Even if it is a bit early to begin planning.


3 thoughts on “What does baby really need?

  1. Keep it simple for sure! ;o) Robb and I didn’t have a single thing when we came back with Liam and it worked out just fine. (Not that I recommend that if you have 9 months to prepare. . .)

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