5 months…

I can’t believe five months has already passed…and that there are five more to go!  Had an ultrasound yesterday – the anatomy scan.  All the organs are present & accounted for!  The head, stomach, and thigh bones are growing and all seem to be the right size and on track.  Le bebe is breach and face down at the moment – not a big concern, plenty of time to move.  And move this baby does!  He (I say he only because I think it’s a boy – we aren’t going to find out the sex until the birth) likes to move!  Le bebe is curled up, with the arms or feet occasionally stretching out and moving.  The feet are positioned next to my bladder.

The technician was having fun making him move.  “Watch this”, she said, as she poked le bebe and the little feet hit my bladder.  “Isn’t that amazing”? I agreed it was amazing, but the need to pee was becoming overwhelming!

It’s just unbelievable to see this little baby moving inside of me. I truly enjoy the ultrasounds  – and who wouldn’t? And feeling le bebe!  Jon hasn’t felt le bebe yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time. Le bebe likes to move, when I’m lecturing or sitting, or eating, or…you get the point.

Five more months!  Can’t wait! And so much to finish up!  We’re going to make progress this weekend on our bedroom project (the last of the rooms that need to be done).  More painting, carpet removing, and concrete floor staining.

And then we can begin to think about decorating the nursery for le bebe! Fun! There are so many things I want to make – I need to starta list!


One thought on “5 months…

  1. Ms Core

    Yeah! Hurray for healthy baby. You are in the best part of pregnancy. For the next 3-4 months things are awesome and it will go fast. The last month is tougher and goes by SLOW. I am still pissed you don’t (or rather I don’t know) the sex.
    Hugs to all!

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