Time for a soak

It’s finally done.  I can’t remember exactly how long it took – 3 or 4 weeks (pain and misery of remodeling???), but the bathroom is (mostly) done.  The tile still needs to be sealed, but that’s for another day.

vanity-mirrorView from doorway

bathtubAround the corner to the tub area

bathtub-shower-1Close up of tub and tile

meandering-rock-pathMeandering river rock path-close up

what-is-momma-doingView back to entryway/ Lucy – wondering why I am taking photos of the bathtub?

It’s lovely.  Jon thinks it’s like having one of those rooms out of Dwell magazine.  It’s spacious and modern, with lots of light.  Best of all – it’s not longer purple everywhere!

And now I’m off for the inaugural soak!   To think of the rest of the house projects we’ll continue on this weekend!  Like the endless painting…or maybe, just read a book until dinner is ready.  Yes, that’s a better plan…


2 thoughts on “Time for a soak

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