18 weeks update

I’m technically in the 19th week now, at 18 weeks and some days.  The counting schedule & the fact pregnancy is actually 40 weeks (or 10 months) is not what you’re lead to believe long before you get pregnant.  We met a different midwife at the appointment yesterday.  She seems really nice – reminds me of one of our neighbors.   Le bebe was moving all around again and didn’t want to hold still for us to listen to the heartbeat.  Finally, the midwife had to put pressure on one side of the belly, and tried to corral le bebe to one side.  It was wonderful and reassuring to hear that fast clicky-clack beat.

I seem to have shaken off the nausea that plagued me for 6 weeks, which is wonderful!  My energy level has also gone up, but all these house projects are necessary but tiring.  I do need to walk more (with the dog) and still need to find a pre-natal yoga class.  My back and abdomen muscle have been quite sore lately and it’s only going to get worse (or so I hear!) I even found some a couple more  “professional-looking” shirts for work, which is great.  Now I won’t look so frumpy!  Or flash the belly at unsuspecting people!  Even better!

I think I felt le bebe move earlier this week.  I woke up at 4 am because something zoomed across my belly.  I thought it might be the cat, but she was still asleep next to me.  The other cats were stretched out on the bed (Jon was out of town and they were taking advantage of the heating blanket).  Then suddenly, something zoomed to the other side!  I realized it must be le bebe!  What an amazing feeling!  I laid awake for awhile, hoping to feel more movement.  I felt some more the next morning, around the same time.  4 am – Exercise time?  I have no idea…but I hope that doesn’t mean le bebe will be so active at the time all the time.  The next couple of times I felt le bebe’s movements, I tried to see if Jon could feel them, but not yet.  The midwife said probably in a couple of weeks.

Things seem to be going well.  If only the bathroom would get finished soon, so I can take a nice warm soak.  That would be such a nice treat!


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