Bathroom updates…nearly done?

The contractors installed the shower tile and most all of the floor tile.  Jon spent ALL of last Saturday priming and painting the bathroom.

Here a few pictures…more will be coming as more gets done.  Hopefully, it will all be completed by Friday.  Then I can CLEAN!  And take a bath.  But CLEANING will be wonderful! And so will the soak…

The view from the doorway (if there was a door there!):


The sinuous river pathway:


The shower/tub  area tile:


And a close up of the tile and paint color:


The light in these photos aren’t the greatest.  I took the photos in the late afternoon, with only the “old” light fixture illuminating the area.  I’ll get more photos with the natural light, as the skylight is open just above here.  There seems to be so much more to do:  installing the bathtub, installing the towel bars & shelves, and installing the rest of the floor tile (trim around the base).  Not to mention that I need to look for a shower curtain & bath rug (maybe in wood?)  We’ve decided we need to add molding to the top of the walls – to bring in more natural wood – but that’s a project for later.  After the first soak.

And mustn’t forget the BIG clean that can occur once the mess is all gone.  No more plaster all over the house (and on the dog)…that will be so lovely.  Don’t know HOW plaster got on the dog, but…she’s good at supervising things.


2 thoughts on “Bathroom updates…nearly done?

  1. Aunt JoAn

    I am just getting caught up on all your postings! Love your bathroom! Regarding the maternity clothes why don’t you try the resale shops they usually have some cute clothes for a reasonable price! Especially when you only wear them or a few months! I have found some really cute clothes for Lyla over the years there!

    Love ya!

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