Domino…no more?

I don’t want to make light of the terrible losses people have experienced in recent days, like the loss of a job or a home.  These times are becoming exceeding difficult for everyone, and some of my closest friends have been horribly impacted.

However, I’ve just come across several blog sources (here, here, and here) that say Domino magazine is going to be no longer published.  It may seem trite to be concerned about the loss of this magazine and many others like it (Blueprint – who closed last year, Cottage Living, and Home Companion), given the hardships of the times.  But is it so wrong to look for something that brings a bit of beauty and joy and celebrates the art of domesticity into our lives in these times?

I’m reminded of M.F.K. Fisher and how she really began to change the way Americans viewed food and the pleasures of food, not just for foodies, but for everyone, in the 20th century.  Her fourth book “How to Cook a  Wolf“, published in 1942 during war times, advised home cooks on how to during rationing.  In addition to being a practical, how-to-book, this book really hit to the heart of Fisher’s philosophy: eating with intention and thought as a means to living well.  This doesn’t mean cooking with outlandishly expensive ingredients, but preparing food with though for those who will enjoy it with you.  And also taking the time to really enjoy the company of those who eat with you.

Enjoying life and being creative…that’s what these magazine were all about.  Sure, sometimes  these magazines (like so many) featured elements that were far to expensive for anyone in my budget range to really buy, but what they did was open your eyes to the creative possibilities. You might begin to look at design or color palette choices differently (say it with me now: “Just say NO to beige!”). These magazines helped broaden my approach to decorating this place we call home.  And really, in these times, is there no other place more deserving of a little brightness and cheer than our homes, the places we open to family and  friends to gather and be together?

A wonderful article about Fisher recently appeared in Ready Made magazine. Hearing about the loss of these other magazines is making me reconsidering renewing my subscription to Ready Made and maybe even Martha, just to have a small bit of something beautiful to enjoy during these dark days we have ahead. ..


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