Maternity Clothing…

Since the 6th week, when my pants began to feel too snug and strangely uncomfortable, clothing has become an issue.  Luckily, thanks to Robb and Ladd and the lovely Gap, I managed to find a pair of jeans that fit and are stylish. Which have helped me through the last 2 months.  But now that I’m back to working, a few days a week, back at the University where I feel like I need to dress up a bit more, I’ve been at a loss.  I have about 7 maternity dresses that should work for a bit, in various colors.  But what I really need now are some shirts that are a bit longer.  I realized this after a colleague, said very kindly, “You look lovely today…but I think it’s time to get a few maternity shirts”. The shirt I was wearing was lengthened by a tank top underneath…and the top shirt was creeping up and up and over the bump.

I began by looking about a few stores for some affordable maternity shirts – the kind you can wear with jeans (which I have!) or some nice pants (which I don’t have)…something so I can wear something other than dresses.  I love dresses – so easy to look pulled together and nice…but sometimes, a girl just wants to wear pant and not shave.  Especially when it is cold outside.  (And yes, I do realize that 60 degrees is not cold, but it is to me).

Target had nothing but GIANT tents in bold flower prints and black or grey or tan colors.  Gap had a few selections that had color (I ordered two shirts, one short sleeve** and one 3/4 sleeve, but both are a blue color).  Gap mostly had neutrals.

Is there anywhere to find more colorful, non-tent like tops?  I’m looking for shorter sleeves, since I will be a bit larger here during the warmer months.  Also – not t-shirts.  Real shirts.

Gap did have a wonderful pair of professional pants that should help me out with the dresses issue.

And I resigned to wearing tents throughout this pregnancy?  Anyone found another solutions?  I have a ton of comfy clothes, which still fit.  I look like a frumpy housewife, but still, the clothes fit.  I just would like to look a bit better when I have to go lecture at 30 students or meet with other professionals. Help is greatly appreciated. 

Here’s a shot of the 16 week belly, in the aforementioned frumpy, yet comfy, clothes. And I did brush my hair that day, you just can’t tell.


**Gap is appearnetly out of the short sleeve shirt I ordered.  Bummer.


3 thoughts on “Maternity Clothing…

  1. Ms. Core

    WOw, only 16 weeks along and you are already complaining about maternity clothes…HA!

    They are ugly, expensive and there is very few selections unless you want to remortgage your house. You actually have somewhere to go too which is going to make it worse. Remember what you told me when I was complaining about them…. that pregnancy is not a time for beauty and you just have to get used to being frumpy for 10 months…well….

    And where is the ticker that is the only way I can remember how far along you are…please post it! I am too tired to remember anything otherwise.

    1. deserthomespun

      I know…I have nothing to complain about right…how about those nursing clothes, right???

      I just hate looking frumpy when I leave the house. Nothing I can do to change it, except to accept it, I guess.

      Did I mention how everything seems to have BOWS on it???? My goodness, what are these people thinking???

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