We are expecting a baby in July of this year!  We’re pretty excited and that’s why a lot of the remodeling/fixing up has moved to the forefront of our plans.  Need to get this place in shape for a little one!  Here’s an image from the 13 week ultrasound of le bebe:


I think le bebe is going to be a cutie, but maybe I’m biased. I’m officially 16 weeks today and mostly been feeling good.  I’ve had some nauseousness and gagging (oh so much fun!) since week 11, but I am going to be optimistic that it is waning…we’ll see if that’s true.

Speaking of cuties, here’s Core and Rind’s newest addition. Welcome to the world Little Pit!


2 thoughts on “Announcing…

  1. Ms. Core

    Definitly a cutie. I liked “le blob” better but I guess the baby is not really a blob anymore.

    The whole process is so unbelievable…seeing your baby at the end is the most incredible thing and it’s really just the beginning.

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