Remodeling updates…

Ok, so the bathroom is now completed gutted and new plumbing pipes have been installed.  The contractors needed to move a wall (the one by the utility closet in the hallway) by a few inches to gain space for the fabulous bathtub.  I forgot to post a photo of it last time, so here it is:


Sweet!  It kinda set up the whole theme for the room, so go figure that I forgot to include the photo. What can I say…

Anyways, lots of work has progressed in two of the bedrooms.  Carpet and glued on tile is gone, with only the glue remaining to be removed.  then the floors can be patched and ready for stain.  We’re using this product again, since it turned out so well in the library AND it’s a “green” product.


The next big hurdle was selecting a paint color for the bathroom.  We are going to use a “green” paint, so we narrowed the selection down:


We wanted something light to go with the tile colors (blues, greens, browns and white)…and narrowed it down a bit further:


Given that our theme was the Maine beach, we felt there was enough greens and yellows (tiles and floor tile) already in the room and that the blue was under-represented.  But we didn’t want anything too vibrant (though we LOVE…ok, I LOVE vibrant colors)…so we elected to go with the Morning Breeze blue.  Hopefully, we chose well.  The ceiling and time will be white.

We still have to work on the sink transparency issue this weekend.  But for now, we’re off to droll and dream over some airstream trailers.

***Oh – and hre’s what one room cramed with 2-3 room’s worth of stuff looks like:


And that troublesome kitty hiding in the blankets in the corner:


Such a cutie though!


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