Merry Christmas!

A few days late…we were up in Phoenix. We had  a lovely time…my parents keep their house quite warm and toasty! It was a wonderful change!

A few highlights:

The little one keep trying to abscond with my present…she must have known there were baby toys inside!


Enjoying playing peek-a-boo under her new quilt…


And here:


The guys got some pretty fancy undies from Santa…though, it’s kind weird that Santa brought them these, you know??? Must have been Mrs. Claus…


Lucy was quite relaxed throughout the whole affair…just hanging out on the couch!


And I was invited to an exclusive tea party…


The super cool Bob Marley lamp I ended up losing during the white elephant gift exchange.  Here I am rocking out, while I can!


Jon bought a truck!  It has everything he wanted: 4×4, double cab (for a little extra room!), and a manual transmission.


His co-pilot seemed to approve as well….


We tested it out – we loaded it up at Ikea. The truck seems to hold plenty!


Hope you and yours had a lovely one!  We’re just trying to stay warm here!  It’s been very cold (for us!)


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