Secretary of Food?

Everyone who knows me knows how much I care about food.  Where it comes from, who grew it, where the animals raised humanely, ect,ect.

I care enough – and I think everyone who eats should too.  After all – shouldn’t we all know and have the right to know if our meat was raised and slaughtered humanely or raised in a feed lot and fed corn products and given low doses of antibiotics?

My friend Antje gave me a wooden cookbook holder for graduation – with these words burned into it: ” Pamela _______.  Headmistress of Food.  A lifetime appointment”. It was cute and funny – especially the British-leaning aspect, which suits me to a T.  But really, I have been advocating for a Secretary of Food for some time now (especially to my poor husband, who still listens…)  This morning, as I was making some yummy granola and milk,  he announced there was an editorial in the NYTimes calling for one in the Obama administration as well.

You can read the article here.

Why care?  If you exclude the important points like paying small farmers to grow food instead of large agro-businesses (and their feed lots) and their impact on the environment, not to mention the humane treatment of animals, there is one important reason.  You are what you eat.  And right now, our children’s lunches are subsidized with the cheapest, lowest nutritional value foods (usually make with high fructose corn syrup), exacerbating our national crisis with diabetes and obesity – IN OUR CHILDREN, for god’s sakes!!!  And most children (and adults) cannot tell you where some vegetables and fruit are grown – on trees or in the ground – no, it’s in in boxes???

If you are concerned enough – and everyone who eats ought to be – please check out this petition and send your words and thoughts on to President Obama. I am not trying to guilt anyone into thinking about this issue – but – maybe if everyone stopped to think a bit more before they swallowed that corn muffin…who know?

Remember – we can make change happen…it’s already gotten started!  Now it’s up to us to help keep the momentum going.


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