Decorating the Tree

This a holiday tradition we usually reserve for those small rosemary tree (really – shrubs).  But since I noticed we have something like 5 rosemary plants, I decided that this year, we should get a tree and use our breakable ornaments while we can…more on this another time…

Here are the stockings I made a few years ago.  Mostly cats – because I made these when we had two cats.  Then we got a dog, who needed a stocking.  It was the cat’s idea to make it smaller…

Then we got another cat, who somehow ended up with the biggest stocking…and a set of funky eyes…no wine involved…well, maybe…


This is the large tree we got this year.  The only time at all this season I asked Jon to go to the store with me…and we had to wait in line behind some crazy lady who seemed to want to make out with our tree. Let me tell you, I don’t think I can convince him to go to any store with me again…

xmas tree 2008

And the lovely Lucy, who always is willing to lend a hand, especially when there is cheese and crackers involved…


And just because it really has been cold here – and we are always looking for alternative heating sources…



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