Economy is hitting home…

Or at least locally.  We knew it was coming, but the County announced yesterday that the layoffs of at least 23 people  will occur in January 2009.  Thankfully, I am not impacted, but I have several friends/acquaintances who will be…and are now looking for jobs in this tough market.  This is after many people transferred departments and whatnot.

What is really bothersome is that the people being laid off are the  ones who are really keeping things running at the County.  And those people who are “appointed” to their positions or have “seniority” – and we all know who they are and how little they actually contribute – are keeping their jobs.  I have nothing wrong with people having seniority – provided that they actually contribute to the overall job effectiveness.

It’s just a tough time right now.  That article highlights the negative side of the economy for the public sector…but what about the private sector?  I know they’re hurting too…

How have those $700 Billion in bailouts helped people like they really were suppose to?  I’m not seeing it…but I think that’s a whole other topic…


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