Jon had his first ATV ride this weekend.  In my family, we grew up ATVing and generally, getting into all kinds of mischief with the ATV.


He loves it…we drove to the meadow for a picnic lunch (Mom, me and the doggies) and Jon rode the ATV there.  After awhile, he just took off! We tried to get him to stop, but he keep mistaking a hand up for hello and just kept going! He definitely needs to learn some hand signals before we let him go off again!



There were lots of hunters out that weekend (deer season) and no deers to be seen anywhere.  Just wild bears…I mean Keetha…



Lucy blends in with the grasses pretty well…

Mom is probably going to kill me for this, but I love this photo:


Revenge of the Salt & Vinegar Chips!

I know ATVs are pretty loud and lots of people ride them irresponsible (off road) and a lot of people don’t like them.  But, they have less of an impact that lots of trucks, especially if you STAY on roads.

And they can be fun…unless it’s your first time on and you get a random green metal electrical box in the middle of the desert!  Really, why would someone put such a box out in the middle of nowhere, unless it’s to cause unsuspecting ATV riders to hit it!

Not that I know anything about anyone doing that…


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