Ikea Poang, revisioned

The most wonderfully comfortable chair from Ikea is the Poang.

They are so comfortable and inexpensive that we have several, much to my husband’s joy (This is sarcasm – he thinks it’s beginning to look like an Ikea in here).

I though, love it.  We have two in the kitchen, one in the living room and a mock-Poang from Target found via a yardsale in the library. (I plan on replacing this with a real Poang…just need to find one.  I saw one last week at the thrift store, but it was a bit too beat up, even for me).

So, since we have so many in different rooms, this opens the door to making fun slip covers. I usually go for a slip cover fabric that could work in any of our room (the color schemes in the public rooms are fairly similar).

However, this time, for the kitchen, I wanted something a bit more jazzed up.  More vibrant.  I found some fabric at a local store have a huge sale (go me!)

I was a bit worried…it is quite vibrant, but it had a hint of “old lady” print.  Perhaps more than a hint.  So I asked the husband (after all, it was his chair I was going to cover first).

“Hmmm…well, it’s not permanent, right?”, he says…

“Nope, it’s a slip cover”, I say.

“So, when we get tired of it, we can switch it back”, he says…

“Oh yes”, I say. I love how he used the “when”, not “if”…such confidence!

So, with that ringing endorsement, I buy enough fabric to do both chairs. I also decided to do something different – make piping or trim on the slipcovers to highlight the vibrant colors.

Here’s the slipcover on the lovely Ikea Poang chair:

I rather like the overall effect – vibrant colors & a hint of feminity, touch of “old lady” charm….and viola! A new slipcover!

After all, it’s only fabric…and can be changed when I come to my senses. But for now, I rather like it!  Just need to do the other one too.

And the husband looks very cute in it as well…I will try for a photo soon.


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