Library Project, almost finished

Here are the long awaited photos of the library project. It’s still not quite done, but the floor has been stained and a desk area has been carved out for my purposes…

Here’s what it looked like before, a recap, if you will…

Carpet stained with various love presents from the cats and dog…

Here’s my surprise under the carpet: nasty, glued-down tile…

After applying the stain:

I love this stain.  It’s environmentally-friendly and so easy to apply.  We plan to use this stain for all the bedrooms as well.

I found a wonderfully ugly chair – comfortable, but ugly.  A nice slipcover later, thanks to Anne-Marie for the fabric, we have a chair that the cats love to sleep in when I’m not around…or even when I am…I often find myself having to get them out of it in order to sit at my desk and get any work done!

I wouldn’t mind so much if they actually did some grading or something for me…but they never do. Oh, how I wish they would…

And after the furniture was put back:

Looking at desk area: still needs some shelves above the desk and a different light…but it is functional and comfy…

From the AZ room, looking in at one row of bookcases. You can kinda see the FLOR rugs poking out from under my chair.  The rug is for two purposes: makes the chair glide very easily and protects the stain from the rollers.  It’s also quite nice to have bit of something soft under my feet while I type away…

A close up of the chair, sans Caroline, with the addition of a pillow to help me sit up properly. I am quite proud of making this slipcover…just dove right in…never really had made one for a more complicated chair like this.  It’s quite easy to make one for the Ikea chairs…quite another for this one.  Still, I think it turned out fairly well.

And the seating area adjacent to the other row of bookcases.  This corner needs more work still.  I have not found fabric for this chair yet; the other chair has pinks & browns – and yellow – which makes it rather difficult to find a complementary fabric.  That, and the pattern is quite modern.  So, I am still on the look out. I have some nice green fabric here, but it just won’t work, I think.  Modern pattern, but the green would just clash with the yellow in the other chair.

You might notice the shocking lack of photos around the room.  I am in the process of reorganizing photos throughout the house and most all have been removed from their places.  Needless to say, I hope to get that project done sometime before Christmas.  We shall see…

I just got my sewing machine a nice tune up, after all the work on that Super Secret Project.  After tomorrow, I can finally share some photos on that project.  I have found some great new fabric for the kitchen Ikea chairs, which are headed for a revamp.

Lucy is doing well.  Her pads have healed nicely and we have been out walking.  Panda, I am sorry to report, is now without an upper incisor tooth…after yet another fight.  I just don’t understand that cat! But he is awfully cute…especially when I find him sleeping in my chair.


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