Update on Ms. Lucy…

She’s healing nicely!  The vet said she doesn’t need to see her again and she doesn’t really need to wear her booties around the house…only outside and for walks. Oh – we can start walking again tomorrow morning!  I am so excited!

But they look so nice on her…we have red, purple, and pink stripe booties!  I think they make a nice fashion statement! Besides, Panda won’t let me dress him up again until Halloween…

Here’s a nice photo of me and Liam:

He’s such a cutie!  I’m going to make a cushion for Robb & Ladd’s rocking chair, in the same fabric that I used on A-M’s chair…then all the baby people will have nice cushy seats!

Still finishing up the Super Secret Project.  I cannot wait to finally be able to show it!

Looking forward to the debate tonight…I don’t usually eat popcorn at home, but I might pull some out for this!

*****Just saw that the debates aren’t on until 9 PM….what are these people thinking??? – I don’t stay up that late!  Damn them!  Good thing it’s a review day tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Update on Ms. Lucy…

  1. Such a great photo of you two :o) So glad you could come over and meet him.

    We can’t wait for the cushion, looking forward to more comfortable night-time rocking!

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