Meeting Liam…

Friday afternoon, my mom, grandma, and I got to go visit Liam!

He’s such a sweet baby and he has the most soft & fun hair I’ve ever seen! I know this isn’t the best photo ever, but you can see some nice professional-looking ones here.

Here he is with his Poppy eating (Robb aka Daddy, was taking a break on the couch).

Makes me want one!

*****Update on Lucy***********

Lucy has been doing very well.  I had to start changing her bandages and I did a bang-up job the first time.  She looked like an elf with too large of stockings….

My mom suggested using baby booties over the cotton batting, just as a way to keep the bandages on and clean.  This, of course, necessitated a shopping trip.  We dragged Grandma around to thrift stores and rummage sales.  We found some cute pink bunnies…and I think she likes them…

Here’s a close up…

These ones didn’t stay on too well, but they sure are cute!  We got some real toddler socks and they seem to work best.  They are pink stripes…very cute! We got back Thursday for another check up, but  the pads looks to be healing pretty well.

We’re been preparing for my second favorite holiday around here…here’s a quick look at some possibilitiles this year…

In honor of our vacations in Maine, the best place ever…

The dogs rather liked this costume!

Panda thought he might be a lobster this year…he’s also considering a chicken (all the better to sneak up on the real chickens) and and owl (to scare the real chickens).

Given I teach this year on Halloween, I’m not too sure about dressing up during the day.  But I’m definitely going to convince Jon we need to go out somewhere, if only to dress up in some amazing costume! What amazing costume, I don’t know yet.  Usually, by this time of year, I have it all figured out.  Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Meeting Liam…

  1. Ms. Core

    I think this post should be called “Dress up your pets post!”. Lucy looks very cute in pink socks…when Jimi hurt his elbow we got him super long socks that said “DIVA” in big blue letters across it. I should try and find the picture and send it to Lucy to cheer her up. Glad she is healing.

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