I love FLOR!

As part of the library project make-over, I was looking for a rug to put under the thrift store roller chair I found, so it wouldn’t muck-up the new paint job.

I could NOT find any rugs I like – at least, ones that weren’t the cost of weekend vacation somewhere…

So, I remembered seeing something in Dwell about this company FLOR. They make modular carpet tiles (19.6″x19.6″) that can be pieced together.

I look long & hard, and decided to give it a try!  They have tiles sorted by foot traffic and I went with medium, for my roller chair and the cats.  I chose Fedora…in two colors – walnut & taupe, just to jazz it up a bit.

I think it looks pretty good!  Super easy to install – they have this nifty little dots you just attach to the undersides of the tiles – and pesto – a small carpet.

A carpet that is very soft underfoot & my chair rolls easily…

I have a bad photo that highlights why my slipcover for my chair needs to be longer (to hide the ugly legs), so I’m NOT going to post it just yet.  You’ll have to use a bit of imagination, until I can fix the slipcover…which is another interesting project I had never done before. It also it mostly ok…just needs a slight tweak.

Anyways – check out the amazing FLOR…I want to do my office at work in this.  Lots of great colors to pull from for slipcovers & accessories…and I don’t mean that office that may still require an exorcism..my other office.

Unfortunately, the amount of “area rug” I would need does cost a small weekend getaway…so for now, just looking…

****Update on Lucy:

She took her pain pills late last night (she had refused food before this) and again this morning.  After a very restless night, she did a small bit of walking around this morning – more so that she could keep both of us in sight at all times.  Tomorrow, we got back to the vet (fun!) for a bandage change & check up.  She wasn’t too excited about taking her meds today…even though I hid them in peanut butter.  I had to pretend to eat it myself before she decided it might be ok to eat…and only when Kitty was thinking about making a move on it, she finished it off.


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