My poor puppy…

It was suppose to be a nice day for a hike with her daddy and it ended up a trip to the vet & pain meds.

Somehow, on the Agua Calente trail, my little puppy tore almost all the pads on her feet.  Some of the pads were just cut & torn off.  We’ve done this trail many, many, many times before and never had any issues.

It was really quite scary.  Jon had to carry her down the trail back to the car.  He called me, thinking he just couldn’t carry her anymore and needed help.  I was home, harvesting my basil & making pesto! Talk about scary!

I raced off to  the trail to meet them, but Jon called so say they had made it to the car.  He ended up carrying her around his shoulders…so I called the vet to get us an appointment & called my trusty other vet – Trinka.

The vet got us in 1 hr later.  I had to carry her into the vet…

Her pads weren’t completely gone, but they had to trim some of them off & managed to bandaged the pad material back to the pad on her foot.

She’s all bandaged up now & on pain meds.  She hobbling around, when she manages to get up, which isn’t often.

But she’s still sitting by her daddy…

Poor little puppy!  She has to go back to the vet on Thursday to be checked out & have the bandages changed by the vet. After that, I can do it myself.


3 thoughts on “My poor puppy…

  1. Ms. Core

    Poor Miss Lucy! How awful!! Kevin, Jimi and I all wish her a speedy recovery. I do have to say though that she looks pretty cute in her purple bandages..purple is definitely her color!

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