East Coast Trip

Sorry it’s taken so long to get the photos of our trip up! It was a busy first week of school…which went pretty well. I have about 37 students and I think it will be a good semester. Time will only tell…

So, first stop on our world-wind trip was Boston. We visited Jon’s family. We took a boat harbor boat tour around some islands – which was great fun. It drizzled a bit, but not too much rain. Matt (Jon’s nephew) joined us and Hank.

The next day, Hank, Matt, and I explored Newberry Street! We had a grad time walking around, shopping, people-watching, and even drinking tea!

We headed up the coast via Amtrak to Portland to spend some time with Antje and Jess. Blueberry picking was on the agenda…and we picked some 22 quarts! It didn’t help that we had the blueberry czar with us…so we made freezer jams, yummy blueberry polenta cakes modified from here, and blueberry breakfast bars…in addition to as many blueberries as we could eat!

Then it was off to Chebeague Island, via the mail boat. It took a bit of time, but the views were amazing. The island was beautiful. Again, even though there was a bit of rain, we had to explore. Walking along the edges of island, biking around, crossing over to Little Chebeague during low tide…and then back at the inn, sipping champagne, watching the sun set…lovely. Unbelievable lovely. And there was even an island cat…at the Chowder Shack…the cat whisperer made yet another conquest!

Heading back south, we made a stop to see Jon’s friend John – and all five of his adorable children (and his brother’s three as well). The water was a bit cool, but we had fun making an urbanized sand castle city, complete with drawbridges and feathers and looking for pretty rocks. We had to leave before the day ended, to get to CT to my niece, before the rain hit.

Sedona is lovely – such a sweet kid. We explored downtown Norwich and celebrated Josh’s great news in Mystic. Made some yummy seafood and a good time was had by all.

And we were off…to Fairhaven, MA to see Memere and Aunt Diane. We went to the water fires in Providence, after spending some quality time with Reno, Sugar and the gang.

The next day was the big party – Memere’s 90th! Lots of fun, to see family and friends (many I’ve never met before) celebrating Memere Irene. Her friends were line danced (many of them well over 75) and many of the kids joined in as well. I bet I scared Matt for life by making him dance with me – he learned to waltz! Which I bet he has already forgotten…

And then we said goodbye to the east coast, heading home to the start of the semester and in dire need of some downtime! Funny, you think vacations are supposed to be relaxing…it was a great trip, but it went by so quickly.

Next time, I think we will plan on renting some place up in Maine for an extended period of time…and make everyone come to us!


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