Finally able to spill the beans…

Well, we just got back from our trip and things are a bit busy preparing for the start of the semester.  So, I will get around to posting photos and whatnot about our trip…but first – some very exciting news that I am now permitted to spill:

  1. Josh, my brother-in-law (who survived cancer and kicked its a**), has finally received approval from the military to get out of the military…they have given him 100% disability and his last day is November 17! Wohoo! Sarah and Sedona will be moving to Phoenix sometime in October and Josh will follow.  They are still trying to sell the house, but may possibly rent it out for now.
  2. Anne-Marie finally came out…about being pregnant! You can read all about her experiences here…and btw, they are having a boy!!!

That’s all I have for now…I’ll post more when I have a chance.


2 thoughts on “Finally able to spill the beans…

  1. Ms. Core

    OK, now that it’s out I am expecting no less than 50% of your entries to be about MY pregnancy! (J/K thanks for the support and congrats). Wait until you see my new belly pic..I am getting huge!

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