Adventures in Floor Sanding


This is all I can say about floor sanding. I rented a 15-inch oscillating floor sander (it weighed about 100 lbs). I figured, well, it probably will go slowly getting the glue off the concrete and take awhile.

It did take some time. You’re suppose to hold the handle of the machine at waist height – and to steer, up and down for left and right. This machine just took off! The slightest movement would send it careening in the opposite direction than where you wanted to go. Forget about steering this thing – I just tried to stay on top of it.

However, the only real problem with this sander was it refused to shut off when you stopped holding the button. What resulted was me, knocked onto the floor, holding onto the sander, hoping it wouldn’t go through the glass door, trying to unplug the machine with my legs.

Woooh. That wasn’t much fun.

I finally got it unplugged, got myself off the floor, bleeding on my left knee from a slight gash and some bruises. And looked at the floor. Which now had several deep gashes in it as well.

I took the sander back and replaced it with one with an automatic shut off switch. Why, why, why on earth did they not give me this one in the first place?????

It was a much smoother ride. It wanted to get rilled up first (mostly I think I was just scared about what this one might do), but it calmed down and churned away at the floor. Luckily, the first monster ate almost all the glue off the floor before its final act of destruction. The second machine went about its business calmly and rationally.

The floor now has no more glue on it, the extra gouges are mostly worn smooth, and there is a slight motley pattern of dark and light concrete left. After I fill in the remaining divots from the carpet nails, I will lightly sand (with a hand sander – not the big machine again….not for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG time) the filled-in divots.

I figured I can get the concrete filler in place before we leave for vacation tomorrow. I’ll let it cure while we are going and come home to sand. I think I need that much time to forget this sanding adventure.
I think once the final sanding is done, I probably will use this product to do a bit more surface treatment before applying the stain.

There was a bit of an anticipated issue taking the baseboards off…some of the wall paint decided to come off as well.

This will also have to be fixed, in addition to the baseboard being sanded and repainted before begin reinstalled once the floor is stained.

This project is taking a bit longer than expected, but I just keep reminding myself – the floor is going to be beautiful once it’s done.


On a sad note, my heart goes out to Laddy and Robb for their sad news. Unimaginable.

On the home front, one of the chicky died on Friday. We think it might have been the heat (???), but don’t know. She was one of the larger brown Americanas. They had plenty of food and water, so who knows.

There probably won’t be any posts for a couple of weeks. We’re taking a vacation to the east coast to see friends and family. Looking forward to the seafood and fun!


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