Off to new adventures…

Anne-Marie, Kevin and Jimi left Tucson yesterday and should have arrived in LA. It’s been hard to say goodbye.   We have so many memories of the serendipitous way we met: at petsmart – because we both had just adopted dogs from the same litter!

I know Lucy will miss Jimi’s company just as much as we will miss his parents!  Thankfully, we will see them again soon, as A-M has to come back to Tucson to finish her dissertation. And now we will have a new place to visit: LA!

On other news,  Jon’s manuscript arrived in the mail yesterday!  Here he is with it:

And one with his helper in the background, just one of the four furry helpers who did their best to help by throwing up hairballs on the paper manuscript, knocking pencils off the table, sleeping extensively on model runs, and acting as editors.

And the cover:

We are so proud of you Jon!!!


2 thoughts on “Off to new adventures…

  1. Ms. Core

    I am really late at this, too much was going on when you posted this but a BIG CONGRATS to Jon. I would write that in an e-mail to him but he wouldn’t read it 😉

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