Taking Stock

Only 5 weeks left of summer – where did it all go??? Then I actually have to go back to work! Well, I have been doing a bit of work here and there, but actually getting dressed every single day and leaving the house…that’s going to be a shock to the system!

We finally were able to harvest our first tomato…we have had several just about ripe, but never could get there before the critters.

My nemesis has been winning the war this summer, but just wait…

I’m on to his game…and I have plans for him….

Here’s some of the basil – it’s been rather prolific this summer….so tasty! Going to freeze up some for this winter…for some yummy soups!  We’ve made lots of pesto. I’ve been experimenting with different types of nuts and I’m rather partial to pistachio…

Friends came over for dinner last night – we had tomato-mozzarella with salad greens and basalmic vinegar and…pesto pasta! Their tomatoes have been prolific…I don’t know why they don’t have the critter problem we do, but that’s gardening in the desert for you. They just had a rain water cistern put in and all the rain we’ve been having has caused it to overflow! I’m going to look into getting one for here too, since we just bought even more fruit trees for the courtyard. We bought 24 inch boxes…and it was tons of fun getting those out of the back of Jon’s truck! Another pear and plum…yum! Can’t wait to make some pies with that!

Once we return from our big August trip, I’m going to plan all the trees and plants in the courtyard and then install some irrigation lines. I think I’ve almost decided on tapping the water line in one area and doing some minor trenching…just need to talk to our neighbor (gardening guru) about the plan.

We got some goldfish for the pond, but I think only one is alive still. We just put them in yesterday!!! Several died on arrival…and no, we did not dally on the way home – don’t know what wrong there.

I also need to get moving on that library project! I was delaying in ripping out the carpet because we were going to have some house guests, but it appears they won’t need to stay over…so maybe I’ll work on that front a bit this week.

Still waiting for more parts of the Super Secret Project to arrive before I can begin working on it. I have a few months to finish is, so that’s good. Since A-M and Kevin are leaving next week (which is just terrible!!! but great for them) for LA, I got all kinds of new fabric to play with…and I think I’m going to make some new curtains for the bedroom closet. I plan on making two dresses today, so I’ll post those once I finish.

I’m also going to make some prickly pear fruit jam before summer is over – the plants are getting ripe and ready.

The chickens have not been laying as much – too hot for them – but they’re still chugging along. The cats just love the courtyard – Caroline in particular is always in such a hurry to get outside that she often make Jon stumble over her trying to get the door open…which doesn’t make Jon too happy! But the porch is such a nice lace to sit and read, drinking our morning tea. We just installed a screen to roll down and block the hot morning sun really early in the morning.

In all, it’s been such a nice summer and it’s going to be hard to not be sitting in the comfy chair every morning drinking tea and reading, going about doing things on our time and our schedule. But autumn is just around the corner and brings even more lovely things. So, here’s my to do list before summer ends:

End of Summer -To-Do List:

  1. Make prickly pear jam.
  2. Make lots of pesto for freezer.
  3. Sit on the porch with Jon and Lucy – eating more meals outside – and watching the cats play.
  4. Library project.
  5. Explore irrigation options…

Ok, well, I better get started! Lots of sitting on the porch to do and all…

oh – and here’s a link to some more photos of Ms. Sedona:


Cannot wait to meet this little one next month!


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