A pond to ponder…at last

Yesterday, we decided to finish the pond…and by we, Jon decided he was tired of looking at the empty hole in the ground.

So, I began by cleaning out the empty hole in the ground of leaves and rocks that had flown in (or were thrown in by visiting little children. Then I had to place a layer of sand on the flat areas, so that the liner would lie on a soft layer. Jon and I stretched out the pond liner (which was rather hot from lying in the sun to stretch out…per my Dad’s instructions) to center the extremely big liner. Then fill it with water.

And wait. And wait. And wait some more. This is a big pond after all! It took quite some time to fill…something like 5 hours. It was just finished with Jimi and Kevin showed up for our low key BBQ.

We jerry-rigged a pond pump from the old cooler on the roof and a very long extension cord. Hey, it works – and we reused something that otherwise might have been tossed out!

Anyways, I think the dogs like the pond…now we just need to see what the cats think…I’ll report back on that.

As you can tell, the pond isn’t quite finished, but it will be by the end of today. We need to lay more rock and cut the liner. So, back to work! After some tea, of course!


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