Backpacking in Colorado

We had a lovely visit to Boulder…cooler weather, green everywhere, hiking and gorgeous mountains.  I have never been there before and it was so different -so flat and no trees (in Denver)!  It makes sense – at the top of the great plains, with high mountains off in the distance. As we drove closer to Bouler, the topography began to change a bit and included river valleys,and real trees, and piedmonts – all swooping up to the mountains. 



We arrived at the hotel and began to explore.  The first night we had dinner at Sherpa’s Adventurer Restaurant…indian food…yummy!  Jon had to meet with people about the work the next day and I had to gather things for our backpacking adventure.  I found a great hardware store – Mcguckin – which had a ton of things like rope, propane canisters, and other cool backpacking items you suddenly found yourself needing. There was this neat old guy – who filled me in on the best trails and lakes to visit in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Excellent!



I had to stop by REI to get our bear proof canisters and sleeping pads.  I think we’ve decided NOT to use the canisters again – everyone we saw just swung two sacks up int he trees with some rope…much lighter! We had to get a sleeping pad because my sleeping bag isn’t warm enough…there was still snow on the ground where we camped!



Since I had some time to myself, I went and had tea at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse  – very cool and such amazing teas!


I went exploring so see some parks…and ran into prairie dogs!  They were everywhere!  I eventually ended up at the Sawhill Ponds – out by all the farmlands.  So many farms for sell…and I wanted them all!  It was quite sad actually – all those farms for sell and property so expensive in town.



Had a few hiccups along the way – nothing to worry about…though Jon is now referred to as McPatchy – and that’s his story to tell…not mine.  We made it up to Rocky Mountain National Park – once you get away from the tourist-y area – it’s great!  We hiked up the eastern inlet trail, which ran along a series of glacier lakes.  We made it past the first three – but had to turn back because of the snow.  We saw a ton of animals – we even ran into a juvenile moose on the trail. 



The first campsite was in the somewhat tourist-y area – but you could still get away from people and see animals…although Jon keep trying to feed the deer crackers…





We camped up high for two nights and just hiked and lazed about by the lake during the day.  Next time, we’re gonna bring some fishing poles….




On our last day in Boulder, we decided to do our own version of a pub crawl…made it to three pubs…Foundry’s, Walnut Brewery, and Scotch Corner Pub.  Foundry’s had the best view – roof top – but the worst beer…Walnut had the best local beer and Scotch – well…it’s a scottish pub…how can you beat that?



The pedestrian mall and downtown on Pearl Street in Boulder was amazing…a planner’s dream really – so many people at some many different times of day!  People reading, people watching, music, live shows…even on Sunday evening – there was even a dance recital with at least 100+ people watching.  The kids were really cute – dancing along…



In all, it was a great trip and I cannot wait to go back!


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