It’s been a while…and many things have changed for the better.  I’m off work all summer, which is kinda unbelievable. I am doing a bit of work to prepare, but I don’t have to drive 45 minutes anymore – which is fabulous!



I do have a new ride…I ride 2 miles down to the library where they have not only internet – but air conditioning! Anne-Marie and Kevin gave it to me…and it’s great!  It is a little tough to swing my leg up and over the bar, especially in long skirts, but I manage. I’m sure it’s very entertaining for all the folks at the library!


So, I had lots of time for fun projects.  The first week was really spend relaxing and occasionally looking over my shoulder wondering- do I really NOT have to go to work today? Needless to say, I read a ton of books, took long walks with Lucy, and spent lots of great time with Jon. 


I did plant some cactus – actually, most all of the cactus I had in little pots on the back patio – in the front yard.  It’s looking better, but I think we need more shrubs and a bigger tree out there to anchor the area.  These will have to wait until it’s not to warm and dry outside – perhaps in August or September. The amazing gate has not been installed yet.  It’s going to be extraordinary – I’ll post pictures once it’s in.  Once the gate is in – all the cats can go out into the front…when we are home of course! It will be completely enclosed and I will just pretend that 2 out of the 3 will not climb the wall and go off gallivanting around. We shall see…


The above-ground pond is doing great – the mosquito fish are multiplying.  We haven’t finished the other pond – I need to drive up to Phoenix and get the liner…which weighs 250 lbs.  Since it’s a long drive, I plan to do that later in the month when I visit the grandparents. So for now, it’s just a big hole in the ground, but I can see the koi and the waterfall already.  It’s lovely. Here’s a shot of the front porch:



My parents and grandma came to visit and we had a very nice time…they made me sew for 5 hours straight to finish those damn curtains!  The room does look better and we did have a good time, but oy, my back was killing me afterwards! Grandma has had some health problems since she came to visit, but hopefully things will be straightened out soon.





I finally finished the scarf I began last summer when visiting Antje and Jess.  Lucy is modeling it below…it’s a little short.  Actually, quite short…I just don’t know why all my scarves are ending up too short!  I had three skeins of yarn…well, maybe I need to learn a bit more about gauge and whatnot!  Antje – help!






I am very proud of finishing it anyways…it’s a tricolor block scarf.  I learned how to add and drop colors…go me!  Maybe I will make it into a stuffed animal…like a whale…for either Sedona or …someone else who is having a baby….in January! I cannot say who yet…but once this person posts about it…I can spill the beans!  I am so excited! I have many projects for this little baby lined up…check back to see progress.


On another note, Anne-Marie and Kevin will be moving to LA at the end of next month. While I am very happy for them, I’m really quite sad.  I know it’s not a long flight, but it’s going to be that much harder to see they and it’s not going to be a drop on by kind of thing.  They have become really great friends – pretty much like family –  and Jon and I both are going to miss them.  Not to mention Lucy missing her brother Jimi!  Or the cats or the chickens missing Jimi….well, maybe they will miss him a bit less…


Well, I better sign off.  I will commit to doing a better job at this blogging gig…now I don’t have the excuse of too much work and not enough time!  Though, I sure the summer will fly by and I won’t have half of my projects done.


We’re heading to Colorado for some backpacking this afternoon.  Should be much cooler than it is here! (It’s going to be 110)…


One thought on “Freedom…

  1. Ms.Core

    Nice to see you back in this space! I need to be better about blogging too, now that life is a little more relaxed here in the S. Hemisphere. We are going to miss you guys a lot too but we will keep in touch, one way or another…..

    Who is pregnant?……do tell, I am dying to know!!

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