I know…I know…

Where the heck have I been???


Sorry about that! So much has been going on…


Getting that adobe wall installed and firing the guys doing it becasue they were not doing a good job finishing it…resulting in us have to do the work…but it will look great!  Chekc out the flickr photos sometime.

We also had visitors from MA – and we did all kinds of fun stuff.  The zoo, the park, hiking, – you name we did it, probably.

The the front porch and pnd project – wow!  It’s installed, but the pond is not yet finished – that will take us some time to do…




Of – and did I mention I’m changing jobs?  I’m totally excited about it…only 10 more days of work to go! I am so excited about having some time off to complete these projects! And others as well…

Not to mention that we found out that Panda (cat) has Feline HIV… and now we really have to finish enclosing the front yard to keep him safe (and others safe from him!)  He’s going to be ok – we have to watch for infections.

Here he is in his favorite pot of catnip…


So, as you can see – things have been busy.  I promise that very soon, I will write a heck of a lot more!


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