Tagged – by Antje

I’ve been tagged by Antje and I feel like it’s time to respond…

 Meme:What’s On Your Nightstand?

Rules, rules, rules: post what you’ve got on the table (chair, nightstand, whatever) beside your bed. Leave nothing out. Nothing. Heh. Link back to the kind person who tagged you and then tag 3 other folks. Really tag them – none of this “whoever hasn’t done this meme yet” tagging.

1. On top/shelf of my bedside table:

Lots of kleenex, a Fairy Tales book, my eye mask, flashlight, lotion, water cup and carafe, possible a devious cat drinking the water from the water glass…

2. Inside of my bedside table:

Pajamas – lots of pajamas, chapstick, all the cards I’ve ever received from Jon, my passport, buttons, and antique canister to hold buttons and chapstick…and a book of poetry on love…. 

I’m tagging Ms. Core, William, and…Ruth


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