Begining the Sprinbg Fever Project!

This weekend saw the start of the big spring (and likely summer) project – the front yard. 

We worked on removing vegetation along the front of the property line – where our stone river rock wall will be located.  Next weekend I plan on removing even more vegetation – from the front area.  Needless to say, this is going to a BIG project, with lots more scratches on my body before the end of it.  It was just good to get moving again after the long break.

So, the rest of the weekend entailed relaxing to recover the the vegetation removal!  Well, what did you expect – more back-breaking work?  We need to ease into this slooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwlly.

So, I worked a few more crafty things for Sedona….I’m getting better…I think…

A little puppy dog smelling the flowers…
A mama and baby piggy….thugh Jon thought they should be javelinas…sicne we are in the desert after all!

2 thoughts on “Begining the Sprinbg Fever Project!

  1. Super cute..did you get new patterns? I still have to give you your hoop back (yes I am !!!) now that my proposal is in I have bit more time to finish up…and your sewing bag.

  2. Trinka

    Too cute! I love these! Do you use pattern? If not, I would have no chance of getting them to look that good :).

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